Project Description


Who they are: Meet Keith Ochwat and Christopher Rufo. They’ve developed Filmmaker.MBA from ten years of in-the-trenches experience as independent filmmakers. They’ve produced three documentaries for PBS, pioneered new strategies in direct distribution, and made filmmaking into a sustainable full-time career—including salary, benefits, and retirement. Using Filmmaker.MBA you can master the art of direct distribution, learn how to market, distribute, and monetize your film from start to finish.

What I did: The project scope was basically to integrate Memberful to sell their private courses and MailChimp for subscribers into their existing WP website using Corsa theme. I structured each video in WP posts and restrict the access using Memberful. I created a shortcode to display all videos in dashboard only if the user was subscribed to a particular membership. Also, if the user started a particular course, his/her progress is retained.

The website can be found here: