Project Description


Who they are: Refused Car Finance is a car finance broker based in Newcastle upon Tyne specialising in bad credit car finance. Their goal is to provide car finance to those who have trouble getting car finance elsewhere.

What I did: They already had a WP website with CF7 forms for online submissions. They needed to capture leads into their cloud-based guided selling platform called FLG360 and also register each lead as WP subscriber. I started doing it by creating a custom plugin using Plugin API a starter boilerplate provided by WPPB. I created first the plugin admin area using Settings API to store the API access key, the request URL, the lead group ID and the site ID where the leads are coming from. Then, I read their API documentation (a very straightforward one) and track all user submission of each CF7 form. After each submission, a new user was created in WP Database with custom metas according to the submitted form fields. On Users listing, I have displayed all metas there to be editable. The icing on the cake was when the user metas were updated in the Admin area, a new XML POST Request was sent with cURL to the cloud server to update the specific lead using its id. The same approach was followed also for lead creation.

WP FLG360 Leads